Business Development + Account Based Marketing

The recipe for success in business development in 2024.

It takes a team. When we work closely together, learning is accelerated, messaging starts to resonate, and new opportunities become more frequent. 

It takes focus and hard work. Where we focus, we win. The right idea and the perfect pitch is only the beginning. We need focused execution day after day. Your named accounts deserve proper research and preparation. We also must hit the right volume of activity.

It takes creativity. Let's be authentic and keep the energy high. Let's welcome new ideas. Maybe lead with a personal video, or mail a custom-made piece of art or personalized gift to get attention.

It takes experience. Chad has worked for a handful of software companies including ATG and Elastic Path Software. Over the past 12 years, the Infobeing agency has worked with over 155 tech vendors. We know what works, what doesn't work, when to pivot, and how to always keep an open mind.

Why direct-mail ABM campaigns? 

Let's differentiate you from your competition. A member of our local team, Zuzana, is our ABM gift finder and gift creator.

We'll work closely with your team to come up with the right ideas, on the right budget, and will free up your time by running every aspect of the mailers.

As an option, she even makes handmade paper art that can be customized to your brand and message. Here are some examples.  

I have worked with Infobeing at several organization now and they have always delivered a nice flow of closable, executive level meetings.

Mark LeBlanc