Chad Mark Manney, MBA
Founder & CEO

Chad has held positions with enterprise software companies such as ATG and Elastic Path Software before turning his sales expertise into a service by starting the Infobeing agency. 

Over the past 12 years, Infobeing has served 155 clients who have run high-impact, maximum-value sales campaigns worldwide.

Chad is an outbound prospecting expert and digital nomad living in the Slovak Republic. He enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with is wife and kids.


Global perspective

Over 32+ years, we have run successful outbound campaigns in every geography, worldwide. 

Focus on B2B enterprise technology solutions and services

No matter how complex the message, we will present your value proposition to the right prospects in a way that is human, honest, powerful and easily understood. If your solutions are unique and valuable to the enterprise or mid-market, we are ready to serve you.